What our Clients are Saying

Impeccably accurate!

Sandra operates at a higher level than other VA’s that I have worked. Sandra and her team are technically savvy, impeccably accurate and they help integrate and document the systems as they are developed. Once I have handed over responsibility of a task I don’t worry about it because I know it’s getting done and getting done right as designed. Up Virtual to me feels like they are always there and they have my back. Well done to Sandra for creating this trusted model. Whew!

Beverlee R., CEO and Founder

Absolutely Fantastic!

My company has been working with Up Virtual for almost four years now. The experience has been absolutely fantastic! Very professional, prompt, friendly, great troubleshooters and customer service oriented. I have worked with other virtual support before and by far Sandra and her team at Up Virtual provide superior support.

— Alison H., CEO and Founder

The Best Support!

Sandra and her team at Up Virtual are wonderful – they have proved to be the best support I have ever received!

— Jocelyn M., Entrepreneur